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OpenTech the open source solution for the electronics design provides this
network is to list open source tools and designs useful for the electronics designers and to provide them with alternative solutions to the commercial tools and designs.

The aim of this list is to privde a comlete list from A-Z to make electronics design only based on open source tools and with open source designs.

This network will provide web links to the tools and designs with a small description to each of them and the latest news about them. All these tools and designs are included in the OpenTech package



Project/Institute Description Latest news ( Online platform for open source hardware designs Refer to the news pages in this site (Balloon Projects) (Elphel Projects) (Free Model Foundry) FMF promotes the development and free distribution of open source models of electronic components in system design. ( Open hardware designs from Russia (GreenSocs) The GreenSocs™ website provides collaboratively developed, peer reviewed, Open Source SystemC infrastructure. (Simply RISC) A 64-bit Wishbone-compliant CPU Core based upon the OpenSPARC T1 microprocessor

How to join the network

- Send us your tool or design name and the files to be added to the OpenTech package
- Send a small description about your tool or design
- Inform us about the latest updates/news about your design or tool to include them to the site
- Add a link to OpenTech site and optionally the OpenTech logo to your web site
- Provide us with possible improvments and enhancments to OpenTech package and network

Software tools

Design entry

Project/Institute Description Latest news (Eclipse Verilog editor) Verliog Editor (HDLmaker) HDLmaker is a tool for generating Verilog designs (TinyCAD) TinyCAD is a program to help you draw circuit diagrams (KICAD) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork
Physical design
Project/Institute Description Latest news (PDTools) "Design Partitioning", "Physical Design" and "Parsers and Design Databases" (LayoutEditor) A IC/MEMS layout editor. Features: all angle, drc, supported formats:Calma GDSII, OASIS, DXF, CIF
PCB design
Project/Institute Description Latest news (Kicad) Kicad is an open source software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork
Measurment instruments
Project/Institute Description Latest news (QOscC ) QOscC is a highly flexible and configurable software Oscilloscope with a large number of features.
Project/Institute Description Latest news (Qucs ) integrated circuit simulator: setup a circuit with (GUI) and simulate the large-signal, small- signal and noise behaviour of the circuit.
High-Level Synthesizer
Project/Institute Description Latest news (Sister) Sister is high-level synthesizer for SoC design . It reads SystemC source code and creates Verilog HDL source code

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