OpenTech Cd-rom :: Faq


- What are the Contents of the cdroms?

Refer to the contents section for details or download contents file.

- What are the supported platforms?

Most of the tools are in source files format so you can compile them to your platform. Some tools have different binary files or compilation scripts. The cdrom includes all supported platforms by the tool. If your platform is not supported you are welcomed to port the source to your platform. The most supported platforms are Linux, solaris and windows.

- Are there going to be updates and patches in the future?

You can check patches of the tools from their own home pages. We are continuasly updating OpenTech packages with latest tools/designs and patches.

- Can I get the cdrom image in iso format?

It will be added as soon as we get enough band width to upload it.

- Can I download cdrom from an ftp server?

Refer to the previous question. The cdrom contents are downloaded from the Internet so you can also download them from their sites we are just compiling them on CDROMs.

- Can I add my tool or design to the cdrom?

Yes. If you want to put a design you can put design files and/or documentation, in short your design must follow the open hardware definition. If you want to put a tool it must be free and open source hardware related tool. Demo, shareware, evaluation or time locked tools can not be included on the cdrom.

- How can I get it?

You can order the cdrom as stated in the ordering section. You can also download what you want from its original location on the Internet.

- Do you accept credit cards?

No we do not accept credit cards but the fastest and most secure method is E-gold

- How can send the fee of the cdrom?

Fill the order form and you will get detailed information about shipment and fees.

- Why there are fees on ordering free and open source tools and designs?

Although the tools and designs are free but compiling, downloading them, cdroms media and shipments are not free thats why we ask for fees.

- If you made extra money from the cdrom what are you going to do with them?

The cost of the cdrom includes the price of the media, the copying and packaging. If we get extra money we will use it to help the openhw community.

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